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Holiday tips for separating/divorcing parents

Holidays can be a difficult and stressful time for separating/divorcing parents. Parents worry about their children having to be at two different homes during holidays and the impact that this may have upon their children, along with worrying about not spending the whole holiday with their children and/or not seeing them at all on the actual holiday. Below is a list of ideas that may assist you in planning for…

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A BIG “Thank-You”

This picture was taken during the recent unveiling of the donor wall at the Meridian Community Centre. It is our BIG “thank-you” and a permanent reminder of the Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc. philanthropic contribution to our very successful capital fundraising campaign.

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7 Things Fabulous Listeners Do Differently

Listening is a bit like intelligence—most everyone thinks they’re above average, even though that’s impossible. And listening is a skill you want to be great at. A recent study conducted at George Washington University showed that listening can influence up to 40% of a leader’s job performance. “The word listen contains the same letters as the word silent.” –Alfred Brendel There’s so much talking happening at work that opportunities to…

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Dig Up Your Family’s Financial Past

Our Family Money Story is the “original software” behind the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors we bring to our financial life. For some of us, our Family Money Story is all too familiar. For others, it percolates under the surface, influencing our choices without our conscious awareness. Some of us work to modify that programming as we run into limitations in the ways that it serves us. But before we can…

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8 Characteristics of People Who Are Successful At Getting Out Of Debt

Having guided numerous families and individuals on their quest to pay off debt, I wondered about the characteristics which make them succeed on this path. Why are they able to successfully follow-through with their commitment to get out of debt when others fail at it? Click here to read the full article.

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Conversations on Money – Good for Pre-marriage or Cohabitation Relationship Success

Divorce is never easy and your heart may be broken, but that doesn’t mean your wallet needs to be too. Click here to read the full article on the National Post.

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Budgeting for the Holidays

Watch the Global News video on budgeting for the holidays from fellow money coach, Lama Farran, and call Gail to assist you with your money management over the holiday months. Click here to view the interview on Global News.

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Are You Cheating on Your Spouse — Financially?

“Yes, I paid that bill.” There are two primary reasons why people hide money moves from their significant other. Number one: “You might feel controlled by your partner, so you act out as a form of rebellion,” says money coach Deborah Price, CEO and founder of the Money Coaching Institute and author of “The Heart of Money.” Click here to read the full article.

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How to Tackle your Spouse’s Overspending

If one too many surprising holiday credit card charges has you sweating, it’s time for a chat with your spouse. Beware: As Deborah Price, author of The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy, puts it, “Money is an area where we’re prone to being irrational, illogical, and overly emotional. Click here to read the full article (PDF)

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Do you know what money types are driving your financial life?

Money Types Money types represent archetypal patterns and behaviors that  influence our daily decisions and emotions around money at an unconscious level. We all have them and everyone is invited to attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about the eight money types and the impact that they have on our choices and lives. Not Your Personality The money types are not your personality, nor are they fixed. They are not who…

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