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How to Tackle your Spouse’s Overspending

If one too many surprising holiday credit card charges has you sweating, it’s time for a chat with your spouse. Beware: As Deborah Price, author of The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy, puts it, “Money is an area where we’re prone to being irrational, illogical, and overly emotional. Click here to read the full article (PDF)

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Do you know what money types are driving your financial life?

Money Types Money types represent archetypal patterns and behaviors that  influence our daily decisions and emotions around money at an unconscious level. We all have them and everyone is invited to attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about the eight money types and the impact that they have on our choices and lives. Not Your Personality The money types are not your personality, nor are they fixed. They are not who…

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