Our Team

At Financial Divorce Solutions, we believe that working alongside a strong team of professionals can give the client flexible options. Financial Divorce Solutions is a member of Collaborative Practice Niagara and Hamilton/Halton Collaborative Family Practice Group. Please click on the group profiles below to get a full list of members and contact Financial Divorce Solutions for recommendations that most closely address your particular interests and concerns.  Working with the right professionals, at the right time, for the right task can save you time and money.

Our Team

Gail Belchior is an accredited financial and family mediation expert specializing in separation and divorce and mediation.

The members of the Hamilton/Halton Collaborative Family Practice Group are all experienced family law lawyers, financial and family life / parenting professionals who have received specialized training in the concepts and methods of Collaborative Practice and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The goal of Collaborative Practice is to maximize the settlement options to both parties, to increase the abilities of families to communicate in a post-separation relationship, and to minimize, if not eliminate, the negative economic, social and emotional consequences to families that are experiencing separation or divorce.

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