What Clients Are Saying

Gail, Thank you again for the information and advice you’ve imparted and the warmth with which you do. It is much appreciated! You truly are one of a kind.

— Karen

What Law Professionals Are Saying

I have enjoyed working with Gail on numerous files. She brings neutrality and financial expertise which provides great value for spouses going through a separation. Gail’s mediation training is especially useful in managing/diffusing what is often a very emotional and difficult time for many people.

— Erik Grinbergs, Family Law Lawyer

What Other Professionals Are Saying

I’ve known Gail for many years and find her to be a dedicated and caring person who works closely with her clients to provide options for the best possible financial outcome.

— George Martyniuk, Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities


When I drive down south Pelham I often think that I should contact you. I am very thankful that we went through the mediation process with you and arrived at a separation agreement that met our children and each of our needs. I realize now how thorough it is. I really appreciated your knowledge and

KB October 18, 2019

Thanks once again for your work on our behalf.  It is always such a pleasure dealing with you even though we have to discuss such and sort out our sensitive financial and family support matters with you.  Also I appreciate your views on the bigger picture of the support and care for our young adults.

Past Client February 1, 2019

Very early on in our separation, it was recommended to me by a few people that we should perhaps consider securing the services of a mediator to assist in the process of arriving at a final separation agreement. We did just that, and we have worked through this potentially stressful exercise with Gail Belchior. I

Patrick August 8, 2018

Gail was chosen by my wife and I to address the financial solutions of our separation in a compatible way. This being a very emotional stressful undertaking I found myself concerned with the feelings that, being female, Gail may naturally side with my wife. During all of our sessions I soon realized nothing could be

Doug S August 8, 2018

Client writes regarding Future Lifestyle Projections……Just catching up on emails after another week away. This has been great and given me a great planning and assessment tool. I'm a little concerned for work consistency right now, but all I can do is continue on my same path and continue to network in Toronto. I'm comfortable

Greg August 6, 2018

Gail was always there for me whenever l needed her, since l am an older client it was hard for me to understand the workings of the court, Gail always walked me through the process, without tiring of me repeating my questions, until l got it. Gail is an amazing, qualified, kind person, and l

Donna October 3, 2016

Just wanted to thank you once again for being part of our meeting yesterday with my lawyer. You will never know how much I appreciate having you there to help me with the decision. I slept so much more soundly last night. Even with the storm going on. It was a pleasure meeting you both

Laura March 4, 2016

I can't believe it's really all done, Gail! And I can't imagine having done it without you. Thank you SO MUCH for your guidance through it all. And your referrals to Erik and Sandra. They too were so integral to the outcome.

Dave December 4, 2015

My thanks to Gail for all her help during such an emotional time. She explained what to expect from the courts and worked on an offer that was best for both of us. We would not have been able to mediate a settlement without her. We first met Gail in late 2014 but didn't start

Rose December 1, 2015

Gail is very friendly and knowledgeable. And that the work is thorough and you are guaranteed to know way more about separation/divorce than when you started which makes you feel a lot BETTER.

October 30, 2015

The emotional toll of divorce is hard enough and to add the stress of dealing with the financial implications is overwhelming. Gail provides an invaluable service and provided options on how to deal with separating your financials and allowing you to move on with your own life. Without Gail's assistance the process of separating would

John September 29, 2015

We finally got our separation agreement signed off by our lawyers in early March 2015 with very minor changes, so we want to send you a huge, overdue thank you for the work you did for us in creating the financial statement and parenting plan and Family Mediation document. We are happily separated now and

Christina September 20, 2015

I wanted to say, Thank you again for chatting with me a couple weeks back; I found it extremely informative. You definitely have introduced a great service to those going through difficult times!

Todd July 15, 2015

My brother referred me to you. I really want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. You gave me some very good advice and recommendations. It was very helpful and you have a useful website too. I joined your mailing list. I appreciate your consult and clarity in

Gayle Toronto July 15, 2015

Being able to work with Gail makes the future financial picture clearer so it's easier to make decisions today.

Barbara Ende President, Sycamore Marketing Group Inc. July 15, 2015

I've known Gail for many years and find her to be a dedicated and caring person who works closely with her clients to provide options for the best possible financial outcome.

George Martyniuk Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities July 15, 2015

I want to thank you for all your help and support - you were instrumental in helping me weave through this difficult process. I am now officially separated - the judge signed on Monday. I am officially a home owner - as of last Friday. The pension is in the process of being transferred to

SL July 15, 2015

Gail, Thank you again for the information and advice you've imparted and the warmth with which you do. It is much appreciated! You truly are one of a kind.

Karen July 15, 2015

Gail's experience and insight helped me through a troubling period, saving both time and money over normal legal fees! I would recommend her and her services.

Bruce July 15, 2015

Going through changes in life are difficult. Gail Belchior was, and continues to be, an empowering person. I was able to navigate through the necessary paper work with confidence and had a genuine understanding of what needed to be done. The process was clear, organized, focused and very timely. Having had Gail work with me

Mary Ann A Very Grateful Client July 15, 2015

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