Are Men and Women Really that Different?

Oh, I might be stirring things up with this issue.  Here is a video clip that looks at men’s brains and women’s brains.  It is not Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, although some of that may be true too. For a little comic relief click below.

Tale of Two Brains by Mark Gungor

IF you, or someone you know, are dealing with a separation/divorce situation a neutral third person can be a viable option to help you resolve your differences.  As an accredited Family Mediator and Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Gail Belchior has assisted many individuals and couples to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Contact her today to see how she can help move things forward for you or your family, friends or co-workers.

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Five Things to Consider

Is Family Mediation the right process to help you resolve your separation / divorce issues?

  • Do you both want to keep the costs and involvement of professionals to a reasonable level?
  • Do you both want to create interest-based creative solutions?
  • Do you want to remain in control of the process?
  • Are you both willing to talk amicably and communicate openly?
  • Are you both willing to work with a neutral third party to help you through this difficult and emotional time?

If you answered yes to the above questions contact Financial Divorce Solutions to find out more about your options.

Videos to Learn More on Spousal Support, Child Support and Equalization of Family Property.


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