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How To Plan A Parenting Schedule

  Are you co-parenting with a parent but no longer share a home? Parenting is more complicated than ever when you add in those new logistics. Juggling your child’s needs with yours and your co-parent can be complicated. We’ve pulled together some of the things you’ll want to consider while putting together your parenting schedule. Click here to read the full article.

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Deductible Legal and Accounting Fees for Recipients of Support

In the context of separation or divorce and the associated expenses, opportunities for tax deductions can be particularly valuable. While fees related to negotiations for separation, divorce, or custody cannot be deducted by either party, and child support payments are similarly non-deductible, spousal support payments are deductible by payers—and taxable to recipients. However, an opportunity for a tax deduction is also available to those on the receiving end of support…

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Holiday tips for separating/divorcing parents

Holidays can be a difficult and stressful time for separating/divorcing parents. Parents worry about their children having to be at two different homes during holidays and the impact that this may have upon their children, along with worrying about not spending the whole holiday with their children and/or not seeing them at all on the actual holiday. Below is a list of ideas that may assist you in planning for…

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A BIG “Thank-You”

This picture was taken during the recent unveiling of the donor wall at the Meridian Community Centre. It is our BIG “thank-you” and a permanent reminder of the Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc. philanthropic contribution to our very successful capital fundraising campaign.

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The Goal-den Rule Of Collaborative Divorce

When the collaborative divorce neutral facilitator meets with the clients for the first time, she begins by asking them to describe their goals, what they would like to accomplish in their divorce. Then she explains the importance of understanding the difference between a position and a goal or an interest. A position is a specific demand. An interest is the reason at the heart of the position taken. Increased stress…

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7 Things Fabulous Listeners Do Differently

Listening is a bit like intelligence—most everyone thinks they’re above average, even though that’s impossible. And listening is a skill you want to be great at. A recent study conducted at George Washington University showed that listening can influence up to 40% of a leader’s job performance. “The word listen contains the same letters as the word silent.” –Alfred Brendel There’s so much talking happening at work that opportunities to…

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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

Co-parenting after a split is rarely easy, especially if you have a contentious relationship with your ex-partner. You may be concerned about your ex’s parenting abilities, stressed about child support or other financial issues, feel worn down by conflict, or think you’ll never be able to overcome all the resentments in your relationship. Click here to read the full article.

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The Biggest Divorce Mistakes: Posting On Social Media

It’s very tempting to brag about your new life on social media before you’re even divorced to ensure that your ex knows that you’re over him or her. Don’t post anything that might be used against you! Details about the keg you finished all by yourself, comments about the one-night stands you’ve enjoyed, or pictures of you with your new girlfriend or beau will not help your divorce case. Consider…

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Separation Wording Matters When Dealing With Cra Tax Credits As Well As Life Insurance For Support Risk Protections

The most significant changes related to child support and the tax clauses of the separation agreements, necessitated by the recent implementation of the Canada Child Benefit and subsequent repeal of the Universal Child Care Benefit and the Canada Child Tax Benefit. Please click here to read the full article on AdvocateDaily.com.

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13 Tips to Divorce & Wealth Preservation

Divorce is never easy and your heart may be broken, but that doesn’t mean your wallet needs to be too. Click here to read the full article on the National Post.

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