Imagine a Different Way to Divorce

Many of us know family, friends and co-workers who have been negatively affected by a bad separation or divorce situation.  Imagine how much better off those people would be if they had been able to use a“different way to divorce.”

Financial Divorce Solutions works with those facing a separation or divorce situation and uses a process that helps to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.  The process is supportive, considerate, sensible, constructive and allows for the management of conflict.

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Sincerely,        Gail
Gail Belchior, BA/BEd, PFP, CFDS, AccFM (OAFM)

Financial Divorce Consultant
Accredited Family Mediator

Ask the Expert
Please email in your questions, whether legal, emotional or financial.  I will do my best to connect to experts to provide information.  Questions and answers will be listed in the upcoming newsletters.

Ask the Expert

Five Big Mistakes 
Here are a few things to avoid.

  • Trying to reach an agreement before full disclosure has been completed.
  • Making decisions based on emotions, whether it is from anger, sadness, guilt or fear.
  • Using family and friends to gather information and then basing the big decisions on these ‘experts’.
  • Focusing on winning at all costs, because no one really wins in a separation/divorce.
  • Rushing things just to get it done and using family law professionals in the wrong way.

Five Helpful Tips
Here are a few things that can help.

  • Make informed decisions based on neutral third party information.
  • Seek support for the emotional side of things.
  • Use the right experts for the right reason, lawyers are not therapist and therapists are not legal experts and neither of these professions are financial experts.
  • Focus on finding the best possible mutually acceptable outcome.
  • Take your time before deciding and acting, yet ensure you are moving forward.


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