Collaborative Family Practice

post-15-748x426An alternative, out of court, process for separating couples to reach an agreement is using Collaborative Family Practice.

This process has three primary principles:

  • the spouses’ pledge not to go to court by signing a participation agreement,
  • the spouses’ agree at the onset to open and transparent, but private and confidential, exchange of information,
  • both spouses’ interests and concerns are the highest priority for framing the final agreement.

Often, the team approach allows for the a better experience, with less cost and stress.  With the commitment not to go to court, formalized by written agreement, the specially trained family law lawyers are motivated to work toward settlement.  The lawyers’ ability to “stir things up” is eliminated as their sole job in the collaborative process is to help both clients satisfy their interests and reach a settlement.

The role of the family professional is as a facilitator to help the couple communicate, problem solve and co-parent successfully.  The financial neutral professional will help prepare full financial disclosure statements, budgets, support calculations and equalization of net family property scenarios.  Additional, the financial neutral may be qualified to provide future lifestyle settlement projections.  The financial neutral may also act as team facilitator if there is no family professional.

As an effective team they help the spouses’ understand the difference between a position and an interest.  Using the right professionals, at the right time, for the right task makes for a better outcome.

Why Use Collaborative Family Practice?

  • Avoid long, difficult and often expensive court battles.
  • Focus on problem-solving and finding respectful resolutions.
  • Create personal, cost-effective solutions that are right for your family.
  • Protect the well-being and needs of your children.
  • Maintain decision-making with you and your spouse or partner.
  • Receive the support and information you need from your specially trained team of Collaborative professionals.
  • Preserve your dignity and your privacy.



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