License PlateAn alternative solution process called Family Mediation is a voluntary, consensual process.  A neutral person helps clients discuss and resolve family issues. Family mediation allows the parties to create a mutually acceptable agreement.

  • Couples dealing with a separation/divorce can mediate all or some of their conflicts, such as: financial issues (child support, spousal support) and property matters, (matrimonial home, vehicles, etc.), and/or a parenting plan for any children.
  • Couples before marriage or cohabitation can mediate an agreement dealing with financial matters while living together, on death and on separation.
  • Inter-generational family conflicts arise between children and parents, mediation can help establish an understanding of issues and helping the family create the means to their resolution.
  • In business disputes between family members, mediation can help the family members create a partnership agreement, reach an informal understanding of how the business will be run, or establish terms for the dissolution or sale of the business.


Why Use Family Mediation?


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