Taking the Right Steps

In this month’s issue I’m sharing information on what to do when ‘it’s over’.  Whether you have said it, or heard it, or have discussed it and agreed upon it, you know the relationship is done.

It’s said that, “divorce is the one human tragedy that reduces everything to cash.”  When it comes to the break up of the relationship financial decisions are an integral part of almost every conversation and all other aspects of the separation process.

For those of you dealing with this life event transition I welcome your inquiry calls about how Financial Divorce Solutions can help you make the best financial decisions during this emotional and stressful time.  Call me 905-892-4058.  Your decision to call will only cost you a bit of time and you will benefit from a conversation on what to do next.

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M. Gail Belchior, BA/BEd, PFF, FDS
Financial Divorce Consultant & Family Mediator

What are the Financial First Steps to take after Separating from Your Spouse?  

Keeping a level head to deal with the financial business part of your separation is key to helping to preserve your assets.  There are many unknowns regarding your new financial future so consider credit, banking and record keeping as necessary steps.


What are the Legal First Steps to take after Separating from Your Spouse?  

John P. Schuman, family law lawyer covers this topic from the legal perspective.  From a financial perspective, I agree with many of the points outlined in this video.  John has graciously given me permission to share this with you.

 Did you Know?
Financial Consequences of Divorce:

  • 30% more income can be required to maintain the same standard of living
  • 1 in 5 women may end up in poverty as a result of separating
  • Poor financial planning can create retirement devastation for older longer term relationships
  • A family business can be financially devastated.


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