Financial Divorce Solutions

For A Better Outcome

hands and puzzle piecesOur 8 step process* that evolves through two distinct phases, helps you to move through your marriage transition. Your marriage maybe ending, but you have the rest of your life ahead of you. By focusing on personalized future lifestyle outcomes you will reduce stress, time and costs negotiating for a better outcome.

In phase ONE, we focus on full financial disclosure.  In order to make an informed decision it is necessary to gather and disclosure all assets and liabilities at date of marriage and at date of separation.

In phase TWO, we focus our conversations, discussions and considerations on the core concerns for each person.  Using amicable processes, such as family mediation or the collaborative team process we work toward reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

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1. Early Neutral Consultation
This joint meeting can help you make sound decisions, reduce costs and stress.  Couples hear separation/divorce information, reasonable processes, range of settlement options and professional advice at the same time.  Save time and family resources by organizing the separation agreement cooperatively, out-of-court, with the right processes and professionals.

2. Define and document the terms of the working relationship.
This includes the signed engagement letter, privacy statement, client actions steps, helpful resources, etc.

3. Obtain your essential financial data and identify your goals.
Since each situation is unique, we will listen carefully to your concerns and request all necessary data to proceed.

4. Evaluate and analyze the financial situation based on the information you provide.
Data is entered accurately, qualifying items as necessary and researching any background information or receiving assistance from the proper professionals.

5. Develop and present a series of projections which show the potential implications of different scenarios.
Several different scenarios will be completed for a thorough analysis and a final report for presentation clearly identifying key elements.

6. Communicate and meet with you and any third party you request (lawyer, mediator, spouse) to explain scenarios and reports.
Communication will be in plain language to assist you in fully understanding and maintaining professionalism with your third parties.

7. Revise and finalize projection scenarios.
Amend projection charts thoroughly and accurately to reflect any miscommunication or required adjustments for the final scenarios and report.

8. Preparation of written separation agreement by legal council.

A legally binding document provides peace of mind and provides the necessary paperwork for future reference with financial institutions, loan companies, etc.

*Not all clients require all 8 steps.  The process is customized to each client’s needs.



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