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Financial Divorce Solutions works closely with lawyers, mediators, counselors, and financial planners for the best possible outcome. In order to reduce stress and time in negotiation personalized settlement projections are provided. Together, clients can make informed decisions today that will impact their future financial security.


About Financial Divorce Solutions NiagaraThe benefits of working with a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) include:

  • Personalized settlement scenarios providing a broader perspective on financial and property options.
  • Precise modeling of agreements giving a clear picture of future lifestyle outcomes.
  • Efficient methods of presentations for financial projection models.
  • An objective expert for financial matters.
  • An enhanced working relationship between client and associated professionals, such as lawyers and counselors.

Financial Divorce Solutions will analyze personal and business financial issues, as well as the tax implications related to divorce, and provide personalized future outcome models. These models illustrate how future lifestyle projections will help individuals achieve the best possible settlement outcome, given their personal situation.

Financial Divorce Solutions is accredited and has specialized training in the financial intricacies of divorce, making them uniquely qualified to offer strategic guidance to lawyers and their clients.


M. Gail BelchiorM. Gail BelchiorBA/BEd, PFP, CFDS, AccFM (OAFM), CMC® 
Owner | Financial Divorce Consultant
& Family Mediator | Certified Money Coach

Gail has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.  As an accredited Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist her focus is on assisting her clients to understand the financial circumstances in a marital breakdown situation.  As an accredited Family Mediator her focus is working amicably to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.  As a Collaborative Team Practice member she works closely with family health professionals and collaborative lawyers so all three elements (emotional, legal & financial) are client-focused and solution oriented.

Gail was the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce 2014 Women in Niagara – Emerging Business Award winner and was the Welland/Pelham Chamber of Commerce Venture Niagara Ruby Award recipient.

“The process of divorce offers the promise of a new start, but too often this promise is threatened by an unfair or poorly-considered property settlement.  My role is to provide information, develop and point out alternatives that suit my clients’ needs, offer objectivity, leave time for sober second thought, and help my clients come to a decision they can live with.

My goal is to enhance the quality of my clients’ professional team and assist them to preserve wealth for the best possible financial future.”

Untangle Your Finances for a Better Outcome 

It is important for my clients to know as an independent service provider I am able to provide an unbiased, open and objective third party perspective for each individual client.  As the neutral third party I also work within a professional team structure including lawyers, mediators, counselors, therapists, accountants and investment planners & advisors.

I work with people to untangle their finances through a clear process, including long-term projections.  I am confident that clients who choose Financial Divorce Solutions will be empowered to secure their best possible settlement outcome.

Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc. is a proud member of the following organizations.

Financial Divorce Solutions Associations  Separation Professionals Alliance

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55+ Winter GamesMoney Matters Services & Solutions Inc. was pleased to participate in the Ontario 55+ Winter Games in Huntsville (March 5-7 2019). Supporting local and provincial community events is one of the ways we give back to our community.

David's FurnitureDavid’s investment in downtown Welland in his spacious and newly renovated high end furniture store displays his commitment to his customers and the city. In recognition of this, and his support for local causes, he receives the August 2017 Welland and Pelham Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month award, sponsored by Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc.

MiniWar GamingThis award is well earned for their very unique business, successfully run from downtown Welland to subscribers from across the globe. Seeing two young entrepreneurs turn their passion into a thriving business, resulting in job creation is uplifting. I am pleased to present this Welland Pelham Chamber of Commerce award, along side Dolores Fabiano, Chamber Executive Director to David Nordquist and Matthew Glanfield.

“We were treated to a tour of their elaborate workspace. I wasn’t aware of MiniWar Gaming before entering this world of tiny figures and elaborate sets and productions,” commented sponsor Gail Belchior, Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc.
Thank you to Andy Harris for LEV8 for taking time and sharing his photography talents with all of us.

PEAK RealtyStephen Canjar, Broker of Record/President, proudly accepted the Pelham Welland Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month award, from Gail Belchior, award sponsor, along side Chamber Executive Director, Dolores Fabiano.
Photo by Andy Harris LEV8, Low Level Aerial Photography & Media.

“As a Family Mediator, working with separating and divorcing couples, I know the family home is often sold as part of the couples’ transition into their new lives. Having local real estate representatives is key to helping make that a smooth transaction. I’m pleased to present this award to Stephen, who is involved in some exciting new developments and supportive of our local community. Working closely with local builders and developers gives him, and his team, a great understanding of our local market. Congratulations on the being named May 2017 Business of the Month”, Gail Belchior.

Taris on the WaterReceiving the Welland Pelham Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month award from sponsor Gail Belchior, Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc. are business owners Leda and Tom Laborie, along with Dolores Fabiano, Chamber Executive Director.
Photo by Andy Harris, LEV8 Low Level Aerial Photography & Media.

Taris on the Water is fast becoming one of Welland’s dining hotspots. With incredible investment in the property Tom and Leda have significantly contributed to the appeal of downtown Welland. Their community spirit and willingness to work along side other local businesses to support the economy are a few of their award winning characteristics. Along with a fabulous dining experience, including great food, friendly service and live entertainment.

“Congratulations on being awarded as the April Business of the Month recipient. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they have a private meeting room in the lower level of the restaurant. Its décor is welcoming, bright and perfect for small family gatherings or business meetings,” commented Gail Belchior.

Carissa Tirpko, happily accepted the Welland Pelham Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month award from sponsor, Gail Belchior, Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc. Also present were Dolores Fabiano, Executive Director and Dayna Hunsburger and Helen Duffy. Thank you to Andy Harris of Lev8 video & media for the photo. The honour is in recognition of the innovative spirit behind the Seaway Mall to continuously re-invent itself; with the latest joint venture being with the Welland Public Library. The Seaway Mall is one of the few independently operated malls in all of Canada and a proud member of the Welland community. Congratulations on being named Business of the Month.

Growing clientele, with a focus on local craft beer, and lots of food options makes Iggy’s Pub & Grub a winning combination and this month’s Pelham Welland Chamber of Commerce winner. Thank you to Andy Harris, of Lev8 video & media, for the photo of Jeff Neill, chamber past president and award winners Kim Gratto, General Manager and Erin Haag, Kitchen Manager. This is the first award to be presented by Gail Belchior from her company expansion and incorporation, Money Matters Services & Solutions Inc.

Long standing, community-minded businesses help make both Fonthill and Welland great places to live and work. I’m pleased, that Frank Sicoli, and his dedicated team at the Fonthill Shoppers Drug Mart have been selected as the November Business of the Month winners. Its refreshing to visit their beautiful store and feel the hometown friendliness, in addition to seeing lovely donations at various community fundraising events donated by Frank and his team. Thank you all for keeping the small town feel within your large corporate franchise.

WPCC Ruby awards – 2016 Business of the Year – Racheal Siciliano of Bertie and Clinton Mutual Insurance.

Cathy Berkhout-Bosse winner of the Community Spirit Award at the Niagara Women in Business Awards.

Juliet Dunn winner of the Cultural Arts Award at the Niagara Women in Business Awards.

Click here to view the 2016 Business of the Month recipients.


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